Advent 2018


Alongside our own Parish Advent Programme, Tynemouth Priory Partnership will also be hosting a series of events in each of the churches.  On each Sunday of Advent there will be a special service at 4pm in each of the Wallsend parishes and also the Immaculate Heart Church, Whitley Bay. St Mary's in Cullercoats will host the Partnership Penitential Service on the 19th December. To round off the Advent and Christmas celebrations, a celebration of family life will take place on the 30th December in St Cuthbert's Church, North Shields. 

St Aidan’s will host the second of the Partnership Advent Services on Sunday 9th December at 4pm and will be a Prayer for Peace in the Middle East. The theme of Peace in our world will be central to our whole Advent programme. St Bernadette's will be hosting a service on Sunday 16th December, this will focus on the person of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Traditionally the season of Advent is a very busy time in the church calendar and as ever our parish is no exception, beginning with The Feast of Christ the King on Sunday 25th November and stretching over the following four weeks and on to Christmas Day we have plenty of activity going on to keep our whole community busy throughout, offering something to suit everyone, young and old, whether they prefer a lively social event or some quiet time to think and reflect.

Advent is the season when we prepare for Christmas and remember Christ's first coming to us, and also the season when our remembrance directs our mind and hearts to Christ's Second Coming at the end of time.  This is a time when we should pray for and take action to help, those who are living in challenging situations around the world.  I hope that this Advent you will work with me and the rest of our community to support those initiatives which are put before you.

Practical things you can do to help others includes our Christian Aid ' Be A Peacemaker' appeal; our Reverse Advent Calendar and the many opportunities for prayer and reflection provided by the additional services across the Partnership throught Advent.  In addition each family will be given a copy of Advent Extra which is full of useful readings, reflections and activities for the whole family.

As we continue to prepare our full Advent programme we will add all of the upcoming events to our weekly newsletter and update this page regularly.

You can find a full list of current events here.


A Time for Peace

Throughout the season of Advent we will be focussing upon PEACE and what it means in our hearts, in our homes, in our communities and in our world.  Peace is broken everyday but it is also built, everyday, through the tireless work of the peacemakers across the world.  It is part of our calling to be as Christians to be a peacemaker!

Peace be with you
. Is this just something we say during Mass without thinking about what it really means?  We all shake hands with each other every week, but then what? How do we action peace with our neighbours?

Peace on earth.  What does that mean now and how has it changed throughout history? It might seem as if peace is further away than ever, especially when you see the daily news. So much pain and suffering. So much loss. So much fear. So much hate. All across the world, in our own country and even in our own communities.

Inner Peace. How can any of us hope to achieve that when all of our daily lives are so busy? There is so much happening around us, we are all under immense pressure and we are often pulled in many different directions to try and please everyone; family, work, friends, church etc all taking another piece of our attention. How can we remain calm during chaos?

As we move forward in hope of peace between all people, of all nations races and religions; to an end to conflict and injustice.  The time for hate has long since passed, this is not a time for political conflict, for racial hatred or religious hostility - we now need to work together in fellowship with a new hope for the future, not only to remember all victims of hostility across the world but also working to prevent further wars in the present and the future.  Not just a temporary absence of violence as true peace is much broader than that, we need to work towards tackling the underlying causes of warfare such as poverty, inequality and the uneven distribution of resources across the world.
For an example of how we can work towards greater peace across the world, please see the video below. You can also click here for further reflections throughout Advent or for an online interactive Advent Calendar click here.

Each one of us needs to strive for all kinds of peace, with ourselves and with others. Advent is a time of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy; four candles of light representing each of these aspects, each one working with the last to create a brighter light for us all in spiritual preparation for the birth of Jesus.  Inner peace begins with our own personal relationship with God, and peace with others starts as we understand that God has called us to be peacemakers in our world by spreading His unconditional love, be that on a small scale in our own lives or on a greater local, national or even global scale.

Partnership Services

Christmas Eve: St Aidan's

Christmas Day - St Bernadette's