Partnership Development

Tynemouth Priory Partnership

We don't just belong to our parish; not only are we are linked very closely with the Diocese but also with the newly formed partnership.  Each partnership is made up of a group of existing parishes agreeing to work together to share resources, both human and material, to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God into the future.  As of July 2017 we are now part of the Tynemouth Priory Partnership comprising of:

Meetings of the Partnership Development Group take place regularly with lay representatives from each parish community, the clergy and our schools, but what, I hear some ask, is that group all about? Why does it exist? 

The principal role of the Partnership Group is to establish a strategy which facilitates the development of the partnership. Step one then is about agreeing and developing a shared vision, strategies and objectives to help align our people across the various communities. They also have to communicate the desired direction of the respective parishes and monitor progress to that end. As this group has a time bound existence—two years, they have a mountain to climb!

Keep an eye on this page for regular updates and information.

Further to the announcements in both of our churches in December 2017:

Wallsend Sunday Mass times will be as follows:

This effectively means that one priest can cover the three Masses in an emergency. All three parishes therefore have been affected as a result of the Mass time changes.  The hope has to be that the respective congregations will really pull out the stops and make these changes work.

For further information please see Fr John with any enquiries or contact us here

In March 2018 the Partnership Development Group met for a half-day session with the Dioscesan Co-Ordinator Amy Cameron to discuss the next steps for moving forward.  As part of this they have produced a Partnership Mission Statement to help us all work together with a shared vision for the future:

"We aim to be open to the Holy Spirit in prayer and humble trust, creating a vibrant Church for the future, a welcoming faith community called to grow in the love of God.

We aspire to bring Jesus into the community, providing opportunities for all to find their way in the Church, to belong, to participate and to thrive."

Summer/Autumn 2018
The Parthership Finance Team and PDG met now has a much clearer idea of what is happening on a regular basis in each of our parishes and what activities and expertise could be shared. To avoid it becoming a “talking shop”, the hope has to be that more and more of our people will grow in the awareness that working together in partnership with each other is not only a good idea but an effective way of being church today.
They met again in September to discuss further plans for Tynemouth Priory Partnership and how we can move forward, working together effectively for the future. In the coming months there will be more information from all of our churches available through new/improved Partnership communications via our collaborative website (click here).  There are also plans being finalised to hold a Partnership-wide Advent programme, including a Penitential Service, a Service of Readings & Hymns, a Prayer Service and a Celebration of Family. 

First Quarter of 2019

After the successful Advent programme held across our partnership churches, we are now currently exploring ways of streamlining the administration of parishes.

The PDG is also planning an open meeting in the near future for all parishes to look into our strengths and resources and to explore opportunities for parishes and parishioners to be active and involved in collaboration.

Partnership Prayer

Risen Christ,

from your abundant grace,

pour out afresh your Holy Spirit upon our Diocese.


As we build on the deep foundations of faith

laid by the countless saints of these Northern lands,

by Aidan and Cuthbert, Hilda and Bede,

may our Partnerships continue the mission

of building your Kingdom on the earth:

to give living witness to your love,

and to your compassion and hope for our world.


We pray in trustful confidence

that your power working in us

can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.

Through the same Christ our Lord.


Second Quarter of 2019

Small groups of parishioners from all of our partnership parishes attended an information evening in June facilitated by Amy Cameron, the Diocesan Discipleship Co-Ordinator. There was lots of lively discussion as the participants were led through what we have achieved already in a variety of settings, and also the areas that we need to develop and explore as time goes by.


Third Quarter of 2019

Tynemouth Priory Partnership has been chosen to take part in a pilot programme to complete a Property and Community Review along with six other partnerships across the Diocese. This will be completed over the next 8mth to allow us to look ahead and consider what our future property and community needs will be and to undertake a full assessment of all of our buildings and land so that a flexible plan can be developed, allowing us to maximise their use and sustainability to meet the needs of the worshipping and wider community.