Partnership Development

Tynemouth Priory Partnership

We don't just belong to our parish; not only are we are linked very closely with the Diocese but also with the newly formed partnership.  Each partnership is made up of a group of existing parishes agreeing to work together to share resources, both human and material, to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God into the future.  As of July 2017 we are now part of the Tynemouth Priory Partnership comprising of:

  • Immaculate Heart of Mary, West Monkseaton
  • Our Lady & St Aidan, Wallsend
  • Our Lady & St Columba, Wallsend
  • Our Lady & St Edmund, Backworth
  • Our Lady & St Oswin, Tynemouth
  • St Bernadette, Wallsend
  • St Cuthbert, North Shields
  • St Edward, Whitley Bay
  • St Joseph, North Shields
  • St Mary, Cullercoats

The most recent meeting of the recently formed Partnership Development Group took place this week with lay representatives from each parish community, the clergy and our schools, but what, I hear some ask, is that group all about? Why does it exist? 

The principal role of the Partnership Group is to establish a strategy which facilitates the development of the partnership. Step one then is about agreeing and developing a shared vision, strategies and objectives to help align our people across the various communities. They also have to communicate the desired direction of the respective parishes and monitor progress to that end. As this group has a time bound existence—two years, they have a mountain to climb!

Keep an eye on this page for the minutes from each of the monthly meetings as well as any further updates and information.

Further to the 2 newsletters and the announcements in both churches in December:


The consultation which took place last week at St Columba’s and St Aidan’s to gauge opinion on our future Mass arrangements locally and in the partnership as a whole resulted in 247 voting papers handed out at Masses at St Aidan’s. Of these, 239 were returned with 90 people expressing a preference to keep the Saturday evening Mass and 149 to keep the morning Mass. To align with changes elsewhere in the partnership St Aidan’s new Mass time be at 10am on a Sunday morning with effect from the 31st December. From that weekend there will be no Saturday evening mass at St Aidan’s.


As an extension of the consultation process, I would also like to give the parishioners of St Bernadette’s the opportunity to express a preference regarding Mass times which would align with partnership parishes and a further ballot has been completed this weekend.


St Bernadette's parishioners took the opportunity last Sunday to decide between two Mass times which one they preferred either a Saturday evening Mass or a Mass at 11.30am on the Sunday. 113 of those present voted, resulting in 22 opting for Saturday evening Mass and 91 to keep the Sunday morning Mass at the revised time of 11.30am.  This will take effect from Sunday 31st December

This means that at the present time, there are only two parishes within our partnership retaining an evening Mass on a Saturday: St Cuthbert’s North Shields at 5.30pm and Immaculate Heart, Whitley Bay at 5pm.

Wallsend Sunday Mass times will be as follows:

  • St Columba’s - 9.00am,
  • St Aidan’s - 10.00am,
  • St Bernadette's - 11.30am

This effectively means that one priest can cover the three Masses in an emergency. All three parishes therefore have been affected as a result of the Mass time changes.

The hope has to be that the respective congregations will really pull out the stops and make these changes work.


For further information please see Fr John with any enquiries or contact us here

Partnership Development Group Meeting Minutes:

13th September

18th October

15th November

20th December