Journey to Easter


For the 40 days (excluding Sundays) of Lent we are asked to devote ourselves to a period of prayer, reflection and preparation to commemorate and remember the time that Jesus spent alone in the desert leading up to his crucifixion and continue up until the day of his subsequent resurrection on Easter Sunday.

This year Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on 14th February and runs until Easter Sunday on April 1st.  Over the next six weeks during the Lenten season there are a series of events which we observe as part of our journey towards Easter and this page will highlight the significance of each one over the coming weeks. We will also provide a variety of opportunities to help you in your Lenten journey, further information on the upcoming events can be found at the bottom of this page.


Please follow the links on the page for further information, readings and prayers for each day or watch the video links below for daily reflections during the Lenten season.

For Mass times and events throughout Lent please see the current newsletter via the link on the left.

Lent/Easter Daily Reflections

Starting with Ash Wednesday and continuing throughout the Lenten and Easter season there are a series of daily videos produced by the USCCB to give a variety of thoughts, reflections and perspectives on  the subjects.

To watch more videos on this theme, click the YouTube Playlist Icon for Demonstration Purpose icon in the upper-left corner of the player to view the playlist for the series.

You can also watch live daily Mass celebrations from a variety of churches across the UK and Ireland here


Our Lenten Programme

Day of Reflection

Saturday 24th Feb from 10am-2.00pm

St Aidan’s Parish Room


Lent is a time to reflect on our everyday lives pondering:

Who am I in the service I give others?

Jesus said: “I come to serve and not to be served.


What does this look like for us, and how can we live it out as part of our Lenten journey?


Why not gift yourself with half a day to reflect upon what Lent means for you?


Sr Carol will be leading the session. If you would like to come  along please sign up at the back of church.


Tea and Coffee will be provided but please

bring a packed lunch.

Throughout this season we will be providing a variety of opportunities to help you in your Lenten journey, we have published a full programme of activities which can be found here.  Here are some highlights of upcoming of events taking place this week:

The Scriptures this Sunday focus on the temptations  Jesus faced in the wilderness. He resisted them. When we resist temptation we remain, as Jesus did, true to our identity; as humans who are tempted, and sons and daughters who share in the life and love of God. Choosing the path of love is choosing who we are and who God intends us to be.


Mass Times:  


St Aidan's

· Sunday

· 10:00 AM

St Bernadette's

· Sunday

        · 11:30 AM

**For any amendments and weekday Mass times please see the current Newsletter*

Cafod Family Fast Day

Friday 23rd February

Pope Francis has announced that the first Friday of Lent has been given the special designation of Day of Fasting and Prayer for Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and all the World.’

Pope Francis says: ‘Faced with the tragic continuation of conflict in several parts of the world, I invite all faithful to a special Day of prayer and fasting for peace on this coming 23 February, Friday of the First Week of Lent. We will offer this in particular to the populations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and of South Sudan. As on other similar occasions, I also invite non-Catholic and non-Christian brothers and sisters to participate in this initiative in the ways they consider most appropriate, but all together’

With this in mind you can join us in the Parish Room at St Aidan’s from 12:00 this week and every Friday during Lent for a soup lunch, all donations made will go directly to CAFOD, you may also consider skipping what you would do socially on Friday evening and give what you save to either CAFOD in the envelope provided or add it to your Christian Aid collection. Both organisations are doing great work.

This project has the full support of CAFOD.