LENT 2019

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As we begin our Lenten journey towards Easter you are warmly invited to join us as we enter a period of spiritual reflection and preparation.  For Lent this year we are working with the central theme of 'Be The Best You Can Be' which we will build upon each week as we move through Lent, looking at a variety of topics around the areas outlined, starting with 'Do Justice'.  For further information on this please see your weekly newsletter and the Parish Lenten Programme which includes something to suit everyone as we progress through the season.


Third Week of Lent

We would particularly like to draw your attention to an article entitled: LENT: A Journey Begins; this gives us a clear insight to what the season involves and a better idea of why we observe this six week period of reflection from Ash Wednesday up until the Easter Vigil celebrations.  Please see the link below or there are paper copies available in the back of church.

Lent: A Journey Begins